Development of TGAP

The TGAP Forum is the culmination of a research exchange process that began in Oslo in December 2008. The first Oslo meeting was convened at the request of the Institute for Ethnic Minority Groups, a high-level research group affiliated with the Chinese State Council. The original conveners accepted a proposal to develop a research exchange process on the Tibet issue framed around the challenges of governance in the region. Since then, core participants in the dialogue process have met on an annual basis: at the University of Virginia (2009), in Oslo (June 2010), in Dartsedo, Ganzi Tibet Autonomous Prefecture (July 2010) and in Beijing (2011). The formative meetings from 2008 to 2011 provided a fact-finding process, one in which common ground was established and new parameters were set for a forum on the challenges of governance in Tibet.

The inaugural TGAP Forum was held in Québec, Canada, from May 19-23, 2012. Hosted by McGill University and Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM), the five-day forum on Language Policy and Practice: Concept, Experience and Challenges for the Future involved over forty participants and expanded the policy dialogue on governance in Tibet into the public domain. The policy workshop of the Québec TGAP Forum issued a set of policy recommendations on language policy issues that has been released in the PRC as the TGAP Forum Research Briefing.The 2nd TGAP Forum was hosted by the State Council DRC's IEMG and held on the theme of Conservation, Resource Management and Local Governance: Challenges and Prospects in Policy Perspective at the Harvard Shanghai Center in August 2013. Research Briefings outlining policy recommendations produced by the TGAP Forums have been released and are available here: 

TGAP 2013 Research Briefing (English)           

TGAP 2013 Research Briefing (Tibetan)

TGAP 2013 Research Briefing (Chinese)