Machik is a pioneer in education, community service and social innovation on the Tibetan plateau. Building on fifteen years of experience in the region, Machik has developed groundbreaking responses to challenges confronting Tibetan communities through capacity building and research.

  The Institute for Global Engagement (IGE) is a think-and-do tank at the forefront of the emerging field of religion and global affairs. IGE works worldwide with local partners to protect religious freedom and encourage the flourishing of societies through research, education and relational diplomacy.

The Oslo Coalition on Freedom of Religion or Belief is an international network of representatives from religious and other life-stance communities, NGOs, international organizations and research institutes. It works to advance freedom of religion or belief (FORB) as a common benefit that is accepted and embraced by all religions and persuasions.

The Institute for Global and International Studies is a program at George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs. It comprises a multidisciplinary group of faculty and researchers devoted to global and international policy, governance and law, international development, ethics and values in global, international, and local relations, and urbanization and environment.


TGAP Convening Committee

Wang Hong, Vice Director, IEMG, Development Research Center

Egil Lothe, Director, China Project, Oslo Coalition

Dr. Losang Rabgey, Executive Director, Machik

Dr. Tashi Rabgey, Research Professor, George Washington University

Dr. Chris Seiple, President, Institute for Global Engagement

Zhao Shuqing, Director, IEMG, Development Research Center

PRC Institutional Hosts

Zhao Shuqing, Director                                          Wang Hong, Vice Director

Institute of Ethnic Minority Groups                         Institute of Ethnic Minority Groups

Development Research Center                               Development Research Center

Chinese State Council                                            Chinese State Council


TGAP Forum Co-Chairs

Tashi Rabgey, LL.M., Ph.D.                                  

Research Professor of International Affairs      

Tibet Governance Project                                    

Machik-IGIS Joint Initiative                                  

Elliott School of International Affairs                 

George Washington University                             


Convening Partners


Institute for Global Engagement

Oslo Coalition for the Freedom of Religion or Belief

Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University