The TGAP Forum

A space for comparative research and global dialogue on Tibet 

          The Tibet Governance and Practice Forum is a unique event that advances new knowledge and understanding of governance challenges in contemporary Tibet. As a global platform for comparative research on policy issues in the Tibetan region, the TGAP Forum convenes scholars, researchers and practitioners in a cross-disciplinary discussion of key issues shaping the region. As an arena for global dialogue, the forum provides academics an opportunity to discuss research on governance challenges with a diverse community of civic leaders working in the fields of education, business and entrepreneurship, community health and development.

 The TGAP Forum will explore ideas, insights and innovative approaches to the issue of conversation, resource management and local governance in Tibet. Rising to the challenge of developing socially responsible responses to the deepening crisis in the region, the TGAP Forum will work to build a shared global stake in addressing the future of Tibet's governance.


Objectives of the TGAP Forum 

  • Promotes the advancement of new research and scholarship on policy issues in contemporary Tibet
  • Provides a platform for building global awareness and understanding of governance challenges in the Tibetan region
  • Prioritizes Tibetan communities within the region as the primary stakeholders in the deliberation of policy challenges
  • Defines the scope of "Tibet" under discussion for the TGAP Forum as the areas currently designated as Tibetan autonomous administrative units within the People's Republic of China, a region broadly coterminous with the geo-physical extent of the Tibetan plateau
  • Examines the nature and conditions of social-cultural, economic and other collective needs in the Tibetan region through the governance paradigm, enabling new lines of inquiry to better inform the regional, national and global public conversation on contemporary Tibet