Conservation, Resource Management and Local Governance in Tibet: 

Challenges and Prospects in Policy Perspective

The Tibet Governance and Practice Forum is an annual international conference and policy workshop that advances knowledge and understanding of governance challenges in Tibet. As a global platform for comparative research on policy issues in Tibet, the TGAP Forum convenes scholars, researchers and practitioners in a cross-disciplinary discussion of key issues shaping the region. During the three-day forum in August 2013, the TGAP explored new ideas, innovative approaches, policy suggestions, and global insights on the issue of environmental conservation and resource management in Tibet.

The TGAP Forum was held at the Harvard Shanghai Center on Conservation, Resource Management and Local Governance in Tibet: Challenges and Prospects in Policy Perspective. This international conference and policy research workshop was hosted by the Institute for Ethnic Minority Groups of the State Council’s Development ResearchCenter, and co-convened by Machik, the Institute for Global Engagement, the Oslo Coali-tion on Freedom of Religion or Belief, George Washington University’s Institute for Global and International Studies, and Harvard University’s Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies. Researchers and scholars from eight countries and regions of North America, Europe, and China were convened in a cross-disciplinary discussion of conservation, resource management and practice in Tibet.
The Forum was premised on the conceptof the Tibetan plateau as the “Third Pole,”a natural ecosystem and biosphere in which the highest rates of climate changehave been documented. Through the lens ofthe natural sciences, geography as well asapplied economics and development studies,the participants ofthe 2013 TGAP Forum examined the factors conditioning the dynamics of environment, communities and local governance.
The papers and presentations addressed the challenges and implications ofclimate change, watershed management, land use, rangeland practices, and the marketi-zation of natural resources. The TGAP Forum convened ecology scientists, geographers, applied economists and development specialists in a dialogue on the policy issues raised by these challenges. The Forum provided a platform for leading Tibetan conservationists, environmental educators and other community leaders from inside Tibet to present their work and ideas for reform on conservation and resource management issues in local communities.

2013 TGAP Research Briefing

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